Yama dee

Yama Dee

Yama Dee is a member of the lost crew. Once rescued, he crafts and upgrades Light weapons in the Library. He can craft the Seraphic Blades for Wyatt, the Great Hammer for Reina, the Esperanda's Long Gun for Vladyn and the Sacred Relic for Gilda.


A talented Alagathian weaponsmith that abandoned his post when he found out his weapons were not only being used to fight demons. He did not agree with the common Alagathian idea that any human not allied with the angels was a threat.


Western Skyway . From the save point at the eastern entrance, go west. On the next screen take the western exit at the top. You should be on an area with two Angel Soldiers and one Angel Zealot, as well as lots of platforms and areas to fall down. Jump down in the gap between the second to last and last platforms and there is an area with the crew member.

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