Wyatt Goibniu is a playable character. He has the following unique items and abilities.

Lore Edit

Wyatt is a wandering warrior in search of his missing father. For the better part of his early childhood he was raised in Myrgato's dark army, and trained as a swordsmith under his father, General Cadeyrn.

After Cadeyrn refused to commit his soul fully to the dark goddess, an order of execution was sent out for both of them. Wyatt was separated from Cadeyrn during their escape and has been searching for him since. 

Wyatt's point of view from the whole war against the Two Sisters go besides morality or true affinity, as both sides treat humans as peons of something bigger. 

He doesn't seem to show special affinity with any of his crew member's, as well they are all right. As Vladyn fall ill and the others are rescued from trouble, can be implied that actually he cares about the others, been the most iconical character of the saga. 

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