Armor commonly worn by soldiers and knights. It's cracked and will need repairs before use.




  • 1 on a raised platform in the 5th room of the Frozen Crypts. Requires an ice platform, but the ferals in the room can be tricked into helping you, so the Ice Soul is not needed.
  • 1 more, see Abyssal City Map

Used inEdit

Item Req
Deadman's Fury Lv. 2 1
Deadman's Fury Lv. 3 1
Dreadnaut Armor Lv. 2 1
Dreadnaut Armor Lv. 3 1
Gladiator Vest Lv. 2 1
Gladiator Vest Lv. 3 1
Goibniu Armor Lv. 2 1
Goibniu Armor Lv. 3 1
Paladin Armor Lv. 2 1
Paladin Armor Lv. 3 1
Training: Be Like Water 1

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