Valdis Story: Abyssal City
Developer(s) Endless Fluff Games
Publisher(s) Endless Fluff Games
Writer(s) Kyron Ramsey
Artist(s) Carolina Moya
Kyron Ramsey
Composer(s) Zack Parrish
Platform(s) PC
Release date(s) Aug 30, 2013
Genre(s) Action, Fantasy

Assume the role of Wyatt as you explore the ruins of a holy city that was lost many years ago. Battle various types of demons, angels, and a new threat known only as the Ferals, using swordsmanship, martial arts, and sorcery. There are many customizable skills and equipment that will aid Wyatt on his journey.

Story Edit


Over 40 years ago, the goddess Valdis was killed by her daughter, the dark goddess Myrgato. Since this event Myrgato has been at war with her twin sister, Alagath the goddess of light. This perpetual war is fueled by human souls that the gods use to create their warriors; Myrgato twisting souls into demons, and Alagath manipulating souls to create angels. Each day the remaining human population dwindles as they are forced to choose a side or die.

In Valdis Story there are four different characters to choose from: Wyatt, a warrior who strongly opposes both sides of the Goddess War, Reina, a gifted fighter raised in an Alagathian monastery, Gilda, the trickster demon or Vladyn, a gunman whose body was used as a prison for souls. Choose your warrior to reveal more about who they are and the world around them. Traverse the ruins of the once lost city of Sitheil in search for your lost crew and to assist the stranded people that are still residing in the crumbling city. Battle against Demons, Angels, and Ferals using swordsmanship, martial arts, and sorcery. There are many customizable skills and equipment that will aid your hero on this journey.

Features Edit

  • Intense combat weaving sword and sorcery together seamlessly.
  • Find magic souls that aid in combat and traversing the ruins of the city.
  • Level up stats and a variety skills to customize your play style.
  • Upgrade Weapons and Armor.
  • Unique accessories that can give you the edge in combat, or get you killed!
  • Interconnected zones allow you to explore new areas or backtrack.
  • Compelling original soundtrack spanning over 2 hours of music!

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