These glasses were built by a man so focused upon his work that he lost track of everything around him. This essence of fixation passed into his finished product upon his death. The user of these glasses focuses on what’s before them, ignoring the rest of the world and leaving them vulnerable. A physical blow (usually a smack upside the head) breaks their concentration but not for long)


  • Attributes: +2 Agi / +2 Luck
  • On weapon hit, +3 A. Ruin ( max +30, Resets when hit)
  • On weapon hit, -4 Armor ( max -40, Resets when hit)
  • Affinity: Balanced

Location / Items needed for TradeEdit

In the Execution Hall, on the bottom right corner, Geffen. 

Tunnel Vision
10x Iron
3x Steel
2x Gem of Purity
1x Black Heart Stone
1x Strange Glasses