The Yeti is a furry ice monster boss that appears in the Tagrum Derelicts  after defeating Azudor and moves to the Execution Hall when the player reach Ishk and devours the prisoners. If the Yeti is defeated in Tagrum Derelicts, the prisoners will be alive in the Execution Hall in the Sunken Prison.



  • Dodge his attacks by jumping opposite of his attack.
  • Hitting him from behind staggers The Yeti.
  • You can easily jump above The Yeti to place yourself behind him.
  • With Reina, you can perform a Stagger Loop. To do this, try to jump above The Yeti, and when Reina is above his head, place a copy behind him. The copy will stagger him, and now The Yeti's back will be towards Reina. Reina can stagger him another time. Reina and her copy can perform this several times. 
  • If you come to this fight with the Superior Mana Key Stone, you can block every attack he does except for his grab, taking no damage. If you break out of his grab, it also doesn't count towards your combat rank. So, you can whale on him and block everything, breaking out of the occasional grab, and complete the fight with SSS very easily. (It's possible that the regular Mana Key Stone will also save your combat rank, though only halving the damage from magic.) 


A rare variant of feral that is known for its voracious appetite. Much of the city is vacant due to this wandering feral wiping out its inhabitants.