Special metal used only in sword crafting.

Tamahagane literally means "soul steel". There are only 10 available per play through.



  • 1 behind a breakable wall, along the east wall of the 2nd room of the Ancient Mausoleum. (Requires Fire Soul)
  • 1 behind a breakable wall, in the 2nd room of the Western Skyway. (Requires Fire Soul)
  • 1 in the Guardian Temple behind a puzzle door in the 4th room (Room before the Save room). Chests are easier to access with the Double Jump skill.
  • 1 in the Guardian Temple, inside the room requiring a Demon Key to access. (Access door using Void Soul or Double Jump)
  • 1 above the eastern entrance to Ishk . (Requires Double Jump skill)
  • 1 in Tagrum District, see Abyssal City Map
  • 1 in the Ziggurat, in the same room as the Deadman's Fury . (Requires Void Soul [may substitute Double Jump skill and Seraphic Blades as Wyatt])
  • 1 in the save room of the Tainted Laboratory. Access by entering the area from the Abandoned Gardens. (Requires Demon Key)
  • 1 in the Abandoned Gardens, in the 3rd room (the first large room). Behind a timed door which requires a stomp switch to open.
  • 1 in the Sunken Prison, in the room before the entrance to the Sanctuary. The chest is beneath the platform with the green enemies.

Used inEdit

Item Req
Lv. 3 Great Blade Purgatory 1
Lv. 4 Great Blade Purgatory 2
Lv. 3 Raven's Quill 1
Lv. 4 Raven's Quill 2
Lv. 3  Seraphic Blades 1
Lv. 4 Seraphic Blades 2
Lv. 3 Monk's Staff 1
Lv. 4 Monk's Staff 2
Lv. 3 Soul Collector 1
Lv. 4 Soul Collector 2
Lv. 3 Great Hammer 1
Lv. 4 Great Hammer 2
Lv. 3 Peace Breaker 1
Lv. 4 Peace Breaker 2
Lv. 3 Ruinous Edge 1
Lv. 4 Ruinous Edge 2
Lv. 3 Esperanda's Long Gun 1
Lv. 4 Esperanda's Long Gun 2
Golden Weapons 10
Goibniu Warrior Markings 2