Void magic can cause Stun Affliction.

"Distortion magic soul specializing in crowd control."


Obtained from defeating Gernot in the Ziggurat .


Air Dark Ray A beam of dark energy that attacks a nearby enemy. Leveling up the soul adds more beams.
Up Warp Blade Shifts your weapon back and forth through space to occasionally attack twice on hit.
Side Black Hole Long range slow moving mass of dark magic (multi-hit). A second cast will warp you to that holes location.
Down Shadow Seeker Summons multiple orbs of void magic that seek out enemies nearby.

Spells (Gilda)Edit

Air Dark Ray A beam of dark energy that attacks a nearby enemy.
Ground Warp Blade / Black Hole Casts Warp Blade and Black Hole simultaneously. If Warp Blade is active only casts Black Hole.
Burst Soul Burst Press [Def] to perform a powerful magic blast that shifts your current Magic Soul.
Attack Relic Weapon Press [Atk1] to attack with magic Relic weapon. Press [Atk2] to cast Ground or Aerial Spell.


Upgrade by going to Walter in the Library.

Level 2 Level 3
Spell Lantern Spell Lantern
Grand Agate Grand Agate
2 Lesser Demon Spirit 5 Lesser Demon Spirit
Greater Demon Spirit 2 Greater Demon Spirit
Arch Demon Spirit

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