This is a one of the souls Gilda starts with. The other is the Soul of the Demon Lord. This is classed as Arcane Magic.

Poison magic can cause Poison Affliction.

"Poison magic soul specializing in damage over time."

Spells (Gilda)Edit

Air Blight Claw Poisonous talons shred the air. Talons have +15% Affliction chance and +15 S.Ruin.
Ground Toxic Serpent Mid range poison magic that hits multiple times.
Burst Soul Burst Press [Def] to perform a powerful magic blast that shifts your current Magic Soul.
Attack Relic Weapon Press [Atk1] to attack with magic Relic weapon. Press [Atk2] to cast Ground or Aerial Spell.


Lv. 2 Lv. 3
Skill Tree (Plague Lv.2) Skill Tree (Blight Dragon)

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