Shadowbox sprite

Shadoboxxer is a member of the lost crew and an assist character.


Strikes from the shadows.

Launches light weight enemies.

  1. Lv. 1-2 Attacks Forward (1 hit)
  2. Lv. 3 Adds a second Back Attack (2 hits)
  3. Lv. 4-5 Attacks in a "Z" Pattern (3 hits)


Near Peche's Grave above the first room of the Ancient Mausoleum. (Requires Mana Key Stone)


A self taught warrior with a strong sense of justice. There is a bounty on his head from both sides of the war, because of his constant interference with the occupation of human territories. His powers of stealth have managed to keep him just out of reach thus far.

Additional InformationEdit

Shadoboxxer was created by the artist Victor J. Toro back in 2000. He also appears in his own comic called Shadoboxxer: The One Man Riot .

In Other MediaEdit

Besides being in Valdis Story: Abyssal City, Shadoboxxer has also appeared in his own original comics, cross over comics with Axen created by Alamus , a zombie comic with Del and Rellik created by Del Borovic , and a Flash animation where he fights against Unknown Person's Climber.