The Seraphic Blades are one of Wyatt's possible weapons.

"Twin swords used by Alagathian Judicators."


-35% Atk Dmg / 2x Hit / + Aerial Dmg / Float

(This is the same for all upgrades) 

The default affinity for this weapon is Light. However, if you take the Seraphic Hooks upgrade path, it becomes a neutral weapon (Light Affinity +0, essentially). This is useful if you want to maintain a Dark affinity. On the other hand, taking the Seraphic Feathers upgrade path increases its Light Affinity. 

Upgrade PathEdit

Crafted and upgraded by Yama Dee in the Library

Lv.1 3x Iron, 1x Rough Cloth, 1x Snow White Mane

Seraphic Blades

Light Affinity +3

Lv.2 6x Iron, 2x Rough Cloth, 2x Greater Angel Spirit, 1x Spirit Stone 6x Iron, 2x Rough Cloth, 2x Steel , 1x Soft Cloth

Seraphic Feathers

Light Affinity +5

+2% Light Magic Power

Seraphic Hooks

+2% Crit Chance

Lv 3 9x Iron, 4x Rough Cloth, 1x Tamahagane, 4x Greater Angel Spirit, 2x Spirit Stone 9x Iron, 4x Rough Cloth, 1x Tamahagane, 4x Steel, 2x Soft Cloth

Seraphic Wings

Light Affinity +7

+5% Light Magic Power

+7 S. Ruin

Seraphic Sickles

+4% Crit Chance

+5 A. Ruin

9x Iron, 5x Rough Cloth, 1x Tamahagane, 6x Greater Angel Spirit, 3x Spirit Stone 12x Iron, 5x Rough Cloth, 2x Tamahagane, 6x Steel, 3x Soft Cloth

Seraphic Ascent

Light Affinity +10

+10% Light Magic Power

+14 S. Ruin

Magic Weapon (Light)

Seraphic Scyths

+8% Crit Chance

+10 A. Ruin

+Combo Damage

Extra Stuff


Valdis Story AC (Seraphic Blades Demo)01:15

Valdis Story AC (Seraphic Blades Demo)

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