Ruckjahl the Frozen One
is one of the bosses of Valdis Story: Abyssal City. he is found in the Frozen Crypts


Patterns : Edit

- Rackjahl has two attacks while you are on the ground. The crystal "heart" shoots a beam after charging up. Ruckjahl himself shoots 3 crystals that leave platforms behind where they hit.

- Damaging him consists of three "stages" where one of his three weakspots are vulnerable. FIrst is the crystal on his chest, then the crystal on his back, and then his face.

- The Crystal on the top can be reached by waiting until he spawns the platforms then hopping onto the platform *closest* to his face, and walljumping off of his face and then the wall onto his back. (This can save valuable time should you be attemtping to get a high rank)

If you have Reina : just use Divine shield against every single pattern. It makes crazy combos, damage heavily the boss' shield, and is spammable with Faolan regenerating your MPs.


A giant feral that has been frozen in place by other ferals. They are used to mass produce offspring.

Images Edit

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