Reize sprite

Reize Seatlan is a member of the lost crew and an assist character.


Throws dual boomerangs in a returning arc.

Chance to stun enemies on hit.


Found while progressing normally through the Guardian Temple.


Growing up in the simple hunting village, the 14-year-old Reize was raised upon stories of exploration, adventure, and heroics by his father, a once well-known explorer and adventurer. Enthusiastic and compassionate, Reize makes friends easily, and he is idealistically committed to his own imagined 'Knight's Code', despite their ambiguity. Though his bumbling and lack of navigational abilities tend to cause him to show up at the wrong place at the wrong time, he is nevertheless eminently adaptable, and now on the path to becoming an explorer.

Additional InformationEdit

Reize Seatlan was created by Seizui back in 2001.  There is a more detailed profile profile on Reize.

In Other MediaEdit

Besides being in Valdis Story: Abyssal City, Reize Seatlan has also appeared as a cameo in a comic Hero Party and as a Wandering Traveller boss in Shovel Knight . In the events of Specter of Torment, the prequel DLC update for Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, Reize becomes a key part of the story.

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