If in the Mana Crystal Mine boss fight Azudor is defeated first, Azudor's soul is absorbed into Dhistahn and he's transformed into the new Possessed Dhistahn boss. Once Possessed Dhistahn is defeated, you must then fight the Abomination boss.



Almost all of Possessed Dhistahn's moves inflict this effect if they hit you. In addition to the normal damage of the associated attack, for 10 seconds all magical healing you get is reduced to 0.

Sword Mine Orb AttacksEdit

Similar to Dhistahn's moves where he'd throw three beams, but Possessed Dhistahn thows three black orbs instead.  If one of these orbs hits you, they deal damage, curse you, and inflict Silence for 5 seconds.

If an orb hits the ground, it creates a temporary "sword mine" that shoots a single black sword projectile upward before disappearing. If one of these sword projectiles hits you, it deals damage and curses you.

Triple ShotEdit

Similar to Dhistahn's move where he'd throw three beams horizontally.

Triple ThrowEdit

Similar to Dhistahn's move where he'd throw three beams in a downward angle.

Spin AttacksEdit

These are similar in appearance to Link's Spin Attack in the 3D Zelda games. If you're hit, it also curses you.

Walking Spin AttackEdit

If you're nearby and on the ground, Possessed Distahn will move forward a few paces while doing a spin attack.

Jumping Spin AttackEdit

If you're nearby and above him, Possessed Dhistahn will move forward a few paces in a jump while doing a spin attack.

Desperation: Whirlwind Spin Attack

While at 2/3 health or lower, Possessed Dhistahn will occasionally enter a whirlwind state for a few seconds, during which a red column will fill 1/2 of the screen width centered on him. This column deals constant damage if you're inside it.


Just like Dhistahn, he can teleport to another location. However, unlike Dhistahn he does not disappear for several seconds.


Switch to dark-themed equipment and spells. Stay at medium or long range at all times.

Single-Order Optimal Strategy: DowntimeEdit

If you stand next to the green gate at the left end of the arena and you didn't slowly draw him near you, Possessed Dhistahn's pattern will not hit you. This allows you to heal up and regerate MP at your leisure.

When playing as WyattEdit

Switch to the Bow and Dagger as they allow you free medium-range attacks (and occasional long-range attacks). Beware that even your ranged attack moves you forward slightly.

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