Feral Manawar

Feral Manawar
is a boss in Western Skyway, found in the same room as Magus.

Manawar appears after you beat the Engineer's Palace.


  • Arch Feral Spirit
  • S Rank: +3 Int
  • A Rank: +2 Int


  • It often changes elements as the fight progresses. The element change is entirely random. It often starts with poison as the starting element.
  • Poison: Poison bubbles eject from the Manawar and home-in on the player. A poison fog may accumulate at the bottom similarly to Shu Gohth's battle.
  • Fire: Fire orbs are shot out and homed-in on the player. A laser may be shot at the floor, similarly to Gernot's laser.
  • Ice: Ice shards are shot out in constant circular pattern.
  • Lightning: The Manawar pulses an electric bubble around it every few seconds.


A rare feral mutation that wields powerful magic. They are actually composed of various smaller ferals bound together by magic. They're weak to attacks that steal mana as it can cause their mana bond to break.

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