The Magister Vestments is a balanced armor that has little armor, but high resist.  It boosts magic power, int and luck. When wearing this armor in Focus Mode, your mana regeneration will be increased.


It's located in the Central Skyway on the third screen to the right of Hrukk.  The chest it is in is located high on a platform above the eastern most exit.


(Focus Mode) Mana regen greatly increased.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
+2 Armor +4 Armor +6 Armor
+11 Resist +22 Resist +33 Resist
+6% Magic Power +12% Magic Power +18% Magic Power
+1 Int +2 Int +4 Int
+1 Luck +3 Luck +5 Luck

Materials Needed Edit

Upgraded by Myzzi in the Execution Hall.

Level 2 Level 3
1 x Magician's Cape 1 x Magician's Cape
1 x Soft Cloth 5 x Soft Cloth
2 x Spirit Shard 5 x Spirit Shard
1 x Spirit Stone 3 x Spirit Stone
1 x Greater Feral Spirit 5 x Greater Feral Spirit
1 x Large Emerald 4 x Large Emerald