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Lozzo the Unyielding is a boss located in the Sewers area.

Rewards Edit

Patterns Edit

  • Has a shield which needs to be depleted in order to damage him
  • Dodges behind you and slashes
  • Dashes away from you, then launches ice projectiles at an arc (More projectiles as health decreases)
  • Uses Holy Wisps, much larger radius than normal spell (More wisps as health decreases)
  • Whilst shield is up, he will try to parry you. If successful, he counter-attacks and regains all his shield.
  • If his shield is down, he will try to parry you. If successful, he warps away and regains all his shield.

Tips Edit

  • Combo him for about 2 to 3 hits, then skill dodge behind him and continue. This will usually keep him locked for a few rotations.
  • You will do no damage to him whilst his shield is up, so don't use Focus Finishers or deplete your mana until the shield is down.
  • Once the shield is down, he is stationary, so unleash any damaging combos and spells then.
  • He will try to parry you if his shield is down, and then regain his shield if he successfully parries as he is left alone. By keeping him in a combo, he will have no chance to regain his shield.
  • If he is left alone once his shield is depleted, he will regain his shield. Counter this by keeping him in a combo.
  • Heavy attacks will counter his parries and leave him stunned.
  • Note: this fight is not fun on Gilda unless you use the Sacred Relic, as your combos don't last for very long and he will just teleport wildly and put his shield back up; have him attack a death charm then skill cancel behind him, spam hitting him with the Sacred Relic which will keep him locked in the no-shield mode for quite a while, which is increased if you use Focus Mode and your Focus Finisher to keep him down.

Lore Edit

Once a low ranking angelic footsoldier, Lozzo was slain by a demon warlock. As the warlock was binding his soul to turn him into a risen puppet, Lozzo's will to keep fighting allowed him to break free of the warlock's control.

After killing the warlock he returned to the Alagathian army, and became an example to low ranking angels of the Light's power over Darkness.

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