The Judicator Raiment is an angelic armor that provides little defence and resist, a moderate increase to Int and Agi, and an additional Skill Cancel use.  Every critical attack inflicted will restore a small amount of mana.


It's located in the Sewers, in the room outside the Save room.  It's locked behind a Device Door and several ledge jumping challenge.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
+2 Int +4 Int +6 Int
+2 Agi +4 Agi +6 Agi
+6 Armor +12 Armor +18 Armor
+4 Resist +8 Resist +12 Resist
+Skill Cancel +Skill Cancel +Skill Cancel
Critical attacks restore 1 mana Critical attacks restore 2 mana. Critical attacks restore 3 mana

Materials Needed Edit

Upgraded at Reyga's Light Armory in Hrukk.

Level 2 Level 3
1x Rogue's Cowl 1x Rogue's Cowl
2x Rough Cloth 5x Rough Cloth
1x Soft Cloth 3x Soft Cloth
2x Lesser Angel Spirit 5x Lesser Angel Spirit
1x Greater Angel Spirit 4x Greater Angel Spirit
6x Angel Sapphire 6x Angel Sapphire