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Durga's Dark Armory (Durga)Edit

Upgrades Demonic Armor

Reyga's Light Armory (Reyga)Edit

Upgrades Angelic Armor

Hrukk Junk Vendor (Yaiven)Edit

Item Stock Items Needed
Broken Doll 1 3x Rough Cloth , 2x Soft Cloth , 1x Silken Cloth
Book of the Old Gods 1 1x Greater Demon Spirit, 1x Greater Angel Spirit, 1x Greater Feral Spirit
Masters Scroll 1 1x Large Emerald, 1x Saint's Opal, 1x Devil's Onyx

Claudia's Workshop (Claudia)

Item Stock Items Needed
Spell Lantern 2 3x Spirit Shard, 2x Spirit Stone, 1x Spirit Crystal
Mana Charm 1 2x Angel Sapphire, 2x Polished Stone, 2x Rough Cloth
Greater Feral Spirit - 5x Lesser Feral Spirit
Peace Breakers 1 See Peace Breakers

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