Acquired by completing floor 30 in the arena. Unlocked for new games and arena mode thereafter.

Gives +4 armor/+4 resist at level 1 and scales with character level.

Gives a bonus based off of your character's primary stat, scales either with level or every 5s/10s of a primary stat.

STR: +2% critical chance for every bleeding enemy nearby

AGI: +2 attack damage when combo is 'Reaper' or higher

INT: +5 armor/+5 resist for 3 seconds when a spell is cast

LUK: +5% chance to not be staggered by attacks

(these stats are at level 1, character level 1, primary stat value of 2(assuming you start with 1 of each stat). When I was level 28 and had 30 luck in arena. The chance scaled to +75% chance to not be staggered by attacks.)

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