The Highlander Hood is an accessory that can be bought in the Execution Hall from the Prison Relic Shop.


+2 Str / +2 Int

Each kill increases Attack / Magic Damage by 1. (Max 75)

Each kill decreases Max Hp / Mp by 1%. (Max 75%)

Items Needed For TradeEdit

10 x Soft Cloth
3 x Silken Cloth
1 x Gem of Purity
2 x Black Heart Stone

Note Edit

The decrease is calculated using the base Hp / Mp values and not affected by Health Charms / Mana Charms.

Example: Edit

If you have 900 Hp with 8 Health Charms, the base Hp is 500. After 75 kills, 500 x 0.75 = 375 Hp will be subtracted and your Max Hp will be 900 - 375 = 525 (instead of 900 x (1 - 0.75) = 225).

The counter only resets if you unequip the hood. Otherwise, you will only lose the kills counted if you die or retry in an area, and only in that area. Any screen transition where xp/items are kept is sufficient to keep you kill counter.