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The Golden Weapons are a set of Goibniu weapons created by Slaegga, who appears after beating Leilodin in the Halls of the Fallen. Each character has their own Golden weapon which can be crafted for them.

Each weapon has the same item requirements, all require 10 Tamahagane to be crafted, and there are only 10 available per play through. This means if you wish to craft these weapons, you cannot use any Tamahagane on other weapon upgrades during a play through.

However, once you craft the weapon and then beat the game with that character, the weapon is unlocked at the start in subsequent play throughs.

Weapons Edit

Found Edit

Crafted by Slaegga after beating Leilodin in the Halls of the Fallen

Item Req
Iron 20
Tamahagane 10
Arch Feral Spirit 3
Spirit Crystal 4
Fine Blade 1
Sacred Resin 1

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