Golden Talons
The Golden Talons are Reina's Golden Weapon.

"Goibniu weapon that gains power from its wielder."

Golden Weapons cannot be upgraded, but instead their effects scale depending on the character's level.

Upgrade Path Edit


Crafted by Slaegga after defeating Leilodin in the Halls of the Fallen

20x Iron, 10x Tamahagane, 3x Arch Feral Spirit, 4x Spirit Crystal, 1x Sacred Resin, 1x Fine Blade
Golden Talons (Goibniu Claws)

Shred / + (1 x Level) A. Ruin

Critical Hits Gather Energy / Heavy Attacks Expend Energy (Max 10 Stacks)

Critical Hits will store energy up to 10 stacks, and when using a heavy attack, a projectile will be launched from the weapon per hit. Projectile can break through enemy shields just like a normal heavy attack.