The Golden Relic is Gilda's Golden Weapon.

"Grants the wielder defense after chanting for a duration"

Golden Weapons cannot be upgraded, but instead their effects scale depending on the character's level.

Upgrade Path Edit

Crafted by Slaegga after defeating Leilodin in the Halls of the Fallen

20x Iron, 10x Tamahagane, 3x Arch Feral Spirit, 4x Spirit Crystal, 1x Sacred Resin, 1x Fine Blade
Golden Relic (Goibniu Relic Weapon)

+(?) Str / +(?) Int / +(?) Agi / +(?) Luck *

Level dependent

Chanting gathers Energy that decays over time (Max 5 Stacks)

* It starts at +2 Str/Int/Agi/Luck at Level 1 and increases by 1 at Level 5,10,15 up to +6 Str/Int/Agi/Luck at Level 20.

At Lv. 22, the Golden Relic has +7 Str / +7 Int / +7 Agi / +7 Luck. Not sure what the scaling is per level. Maybe increases by 1/3 of Level Number (33% x #Lv.).

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