Goibniu Weaver

Lore Edit

The restless spirits of female Goibniu warriors. They typically manifest themselves as a blood thirsty berserker, or a Weaver, master of chains. Weaker spirits can only manifest as dead weights, spectral hands that will latch onto the living and drain their essence.

When killing Goibniu Berserkers and Goibniu Weavers, they will not immediately die. Instead, their soul will linger and they will reform if the soul is not absorbed quickly. To absorb the soul, hold the Magic button. If you are interrupted, you can kill the ghost once again and absorb the soul, which still keeps the progress of previous absorptions.

Attacks Edit

Goibniu Berserker

Goibniu Berseker Edit

Berserkers launch heavy attacks which can consistently break your guard if not careful. They have a series of slices and lunges which can combo into another. It also has a very heavy launch where it bashes its weapons to the floor to knock you up, and then does a heavy slash to launch you across the room. Berserkers also guard a lot with their shield, so they are susceptible to back attacks and heavy attacks which can easily stun them.

Goibniu Weaver Edit

Weavers launch powerful ranged attacks using their chains. They either shoot their chains forward, or diagonally, which ricochets off the floor and ceiling multiple times until they retract it. Weavers have constant Force Guard applied to their backs, which prevents them from being back stabbed. They can also parry whilst their chains are launched. Break their guard with heavy attacks and attack whilst their chains are not out.

Spectral Hands Edit

These hands will usually spawn once a Goibniu Berserker or Weaver's soul has appeared. They will latch onto you, and constantly drain your MP. Skill cancel to stop their grabs. They will usually die in one hit, so they are minor annoyances which try to prevent you from killing the larger ghosts.

Location Edit

Dropped Items Edit

Spirit Shard
Spirit Stone
Spirit Crystal

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