Gernot the Spire is the boss of the Ziggurat.



  • Attacks with his lance immediately after the fight begins.
  • Occassionally flies backward to slam the floor and create a small rain of dark orbs that will stun the player on impact.
  • After approximately one third of his health bar is depleted he begins to uppercut after each lunge or slam
  • Occassionally flies backward and shoots a laser along the floor.
  • When his mana gauge fills up, he will create a vortex in the center of the room that pulls the player toward the center. Dark beams will rain down over the player while it is active.


Gernot the spire

Once a member of the Hyogokun Knights, Gernot was promoted to the rank of General after the execution order was sent out for his former commander, Cadeyrn. His lance was made from the spire of an Alagathian church he destroyed in his early days as a demon foot soldier.


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