Finisher Found Description Base Focus
Rage Slam Starter for Wyatt A powerful blast of pure rage. Str 100
Dragon's Divide Starter for Gilda Fire a powerfull beam of magic from your hands. Int 100
Summon Kudir Starter for Vladyn Summons the arch demon Kudir to cast a powerfull spell. 100 Demon Arm 200
Banana Fishing Given by Ben McSteely Distract the enemy with an exploding banana, then strike. Agi, Luck 85
Life Blade Given after talking to Moira at the start of The Sanctuary with the Teachings of Life Blade accessory in your inventory. Sacrifice 75% of current Hp to deal damage. Life (Hp) 150
Plan B Given after talking to Reina or Wyatt in the Library You need a hand? * Ally 300
Fate Roulette Given by Sir Pancakes Make a random effect. Luck 50
Buster Lion Starter for Reina Destroy your enemies with a powerful punch Str 75
Great Dragon Fang Given by Rinn Speras A rapid barrage of strikes pummeling your foes into dust Agi 60
Hurricane Rage Given by Edgar Hurl all foes around you into the air with fierce winds of rage Agi, Int 150
Phantom Soul Bought from Shunaffy Summon phantom souls to aid you in battle. Item 200
  • Plan B spawns a follower (?) as a friendly NPC in battle until you leave the current room.

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