Feral Siren

Ferals that are highly adept at wielding, and highly resistant to, magic. Will shield themselves in a magic barrier when in danger, fortunately they can not maintain the shield for extended durations.


Launches a Freezing icicle at a distance, or sends a many-hit Freezing wave toward you along the ground in close contact. Higher level Sirens launch two icicles.

When higher-level Sirens are damaged to a certain amount, they become invincible and icicles drop straight down, starting far and ending close to the Siren, and a 360 burst of short-range icicles is later added at the end. Stronger-yet Sirens can do this twice.

Sirens in the Prison are poison-shooting, but only the status effect is notably changed. These Sirens also often hide until approached.

There is a rare Flame Siren found in the Frozen Crypts, found by lighting all the torches in the room with the Wanderer Raiment with a Fire Soul ability. This Siren is much harder to kill than the others, and launches several fire attacks similar to the ones by Demon Archers in the Guardian Temple. Its invincibility is very deadly, as it launches numerous bouncing fireballs across the area. Once killed, it drops an Arch Feral Spirit.


Dropped ItemsEdit

Spirit Shard
Spirit Stone
Greater Feral Spirit
Arch Feral Spirit (Feral Siren in Frozen Crypts only)