Feral Hermit

Hatchling ferals that are heavily armored, but weak to magics. Most of their time is spent eating until they go into a cocoon and emerge as one of the other feral types.


Launches orbs (that seem to share characteristics of both physical and magical attacks) in a high arc from the ground, or downward, straight towards you from the ceiling.

Purple Hermits seem to use Void-type attacks: Their orbs stun the player, and they have a stunning burst attack also used on the ground. They sometimes remain invisible until the player is nearby.

There is a rare Hermit located in the Lower Central Skyway which is the south east of Hrukk. In the 3rd room of the area, sometimes instead of two green Feral Puffers, an NPC called Fisherman Gully can spawn there. Standing next to him will spawn Fish, which will jump out from the water below. Hit each fish which jumps out until the water turns red, and it will spawn. If you miss one fish, you will have to leave and re-enter until the NPC appears to try again. It teleports after taking a certain amount of hits to the other side of the room, and shoots very damaging projectiles. It has a lot of health. Killing it drops an Arch Feral Spirit.


Dropped ItemsEdit

Polished Stone
Spirit ShardAncient Coin (very rare)
Lesser Feral Spirit
Arch Feral Spirit (Only dropped by the rare Hermit found in Lower Central Skyway)