Leads to

Vendors Edit

Prison Armory (Myzzi) Edit

Upgrades Neutral Armors, crafts a unique armor.

Prison Relic Shop (Geffen) Edit

Accessory Shop

Item Items Needed
Ninja Scroll 3 x Rough Cloth, 3 x Soft Cloth, 5 x Iron, 4 x Spirit Shard, 2 x Lesser Feral Spirit
Sorcerer Regalia 5 x Silken Cloth, 5 x Angel Sapphire, 2 x Saint's Opal, 4 x Lesser Angel Spirit, 2 x Greater Angel Spirit, 1 x Arch Angel Spirit
Highlander Hood 10 x Soft Cloth, 3 x Silken Cloth, 1 x Gem of Purity, 2 x Black Heart Stone
Tunnel Vision 10 x Iron, 3 x Steel, 2 x Gem of Purity, 1 x Black Heart Stone, 1 x Strange Glasses


  • If the Yeti was not killed in the Tagrum Derelicts, before reaching Ishk, it will have devoured the prisoners and you will have to fight him here.

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