Demon widow

Demon Widow


The remaining disciples of rift god Ahkmande. They've sided with Myrgato in order to exact vengeance upon the one who killed their lord. 


Very frequently moves across its platform instantly, gaining short-term invincibility. After reappearing, it will always perform an attack, and then typically move again. Instead of reappearing on the platform, the Demon Widow will occasionally shoot slow-moving stun orbs from the ceiling, complementing its other attacks.

Stuns the player with a lunge that creates spikes along the ground in front of it. The animation is merely for aesthetic purposes, as the stun hits the instant the move begins. Often hits multiple times for relatively low damage per hit, and can lead into many other attacks from both the Demon Widow itself and the other enemies in the room. This move can be very difficult to dodge, as it comes out very fast, hits airborne players around the Demon Widow, and hits players along the surface of the entire platform.

Launches the player a great distance with a close-range lunge that deals quite heavy damage. Often will knock the player into the room's pits, forcing a room reset. Due to how fast this attack comes out, it can be unavoidable when the player is stunned.


The Demon Widow can be just as challenging as, if not more than, most of the game's actual bosses. It has a sizable amount of health, is immune to most statuses and cannot be flinched, and constantly attempts to stun the player for very long chains of damage, potentially resulting in instant death from a single hit.

Many of its patterns, including the massive-range stunning lunge, can only be effectively dodged with an evade dash, making the Demon Widow a very difficult enemy to sustain one's self against. As with most enemies, attacking from behind the Demon Widow will deal substantially more damage, which can be very worth spending a skill cancel. Make use of at least one attack buff if you plan on using physical damage, and feel free to retreat to the entrance or exit of the room to recharge skill cancels and HP/MP.


Ziggurat (Miniboss)

Tainted Laboratory

Dropped ItemsEdit

Soft Cloth
Silk Cloth
Greater Demon Spirit
Black Heart Stone

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