Demon Warlock


High ranking demon that can manipulate dimensional rifts for offensive and defensive purposes. Known to resurrect angels they have killed, and keep their skeletal bound souls as pets.


Skeletal servants are likely encountered first. A hit will crumple them for a little while, but they will sometimes block normal attacks. They have a difficult time with stairs. The warlock casts long-range multi-hit bombardment magic above your location (unless it is directly above the warlock), regardless of when or where you entered the room.

The warlock also casts a rolling ball that inflicts either Burning or Stun, depending on location, and the warlock casts this between bombardments if you're near the ball's path.

Defensively, warlocks moved some ways from their spawn point will return to it. Flame warlocks have a reactive damage aura that triggers upon the (fifth? sixth?) successive hit, but ice damage completely halts this aura.


Dropped ItemsEdit

Silk Cloth
Greater Demon Spirit
Spirit Crystal
Black Heart Stone     (Void Warlock)

The Demon Warlock is one of the higher ranking types of demons. He is skilled with his use of fire magic and dimensional rifts, which he uses for attacks and evasive movement. His skeletal minions will constantly revive until the controlling warlock is killed.

Valdis Story AC (Warlock Demo)

Valdis Story AC (Warlock Demo)

Void WarlockEdit

There is a really good way to farm any of the droppable items from Warlock, this includes the Black Heart Stone.

For Reina, when entering Ziggurat, The 2nd room Reina enters, there will be a Void Warlock. Defeat the Void Warlock, and there will be an assured drop. After beating the Void Warlock, go back to the left room. Then come back in to the room the Void Warlock is in. This will spawn him again, and this will allows you to farm him.