Demon Mistress


Mid ranking demon capable of teleporting short distances. They use this ability to avoid direct combat and assault thei enemies with long range spells.


The poison version found in the Gardens, the Mine, and the Pit summons two to three Demon Bats as an initial attack, and then launches arcing blasts at you that inflict the poison status.

The flaming version encountered in the Temple and the Ziggurat will instead spawn a firebomb at your location (damage is delayed 3-4 seconds), and alternate this with a fire bolt. Both of these attacks inflict high knockback and burning.

Both versions are rather shy, and teleport away when approached in melee range. The incendiary mistress will leave a firebomb behind in her place, and higher level venomous mistresses will substitude a demon bat in their place. This is usually immediately followed by an arcing attack.


Dropped ItemsEdit

Soft Cloth
Greater Demon Spirit
Devil Onyx