Demon Archer

Demons armed with deadly crossbows. They have good resistance to magic and are known to leave traps to ambush their prey.


Typically fires an arcing shot at your location. Higher level archers will alternate double-shot normal attacks with charged magic attacks that cause either Corruption or Burning, depending on location. They also can toss grenade-mines that cause the same condition as their charge attack. These mines will hurt in the air or on the ground, but can be dashed through to disarm.

Gains a shield early on that it casts upon sighting the player, which reduces the damage it takes and adds slight hp regeneration. This shield absorbs one magic attack (dissipates) or roughly four physical attacks (shatters, stunning the archer). Later, archers remain cloaked until the player has stood close to them and moved about a third of a screen away.


Dropped ItemsEdit

Demon Ruby
Rough Cloth
Soft Cloth
Lesser Demon Spirit