Daemahn is a member of the Lost Crew. Once located, he will sell items which boost the players abilities. Such abilities include faster mana regeneration, increase in combo length, increase in critical rate and the coveted Double Jump skill.

Lore Edit

"A wandering martial arts master that values friendship above all else. He's the sole survivor of an ancient clan of warriors that worshiped the Giadine of the Sun thousands of years ago.

He joined the crew with hopes of one day facing his dark rival."

Location Edit

He can be found in the Hallow, by taking the right pathway after the fight with Abbigail the Marred.

Vendor Edit

Sale Item Stock Price Effect
Training: Be Like Water 1 10 Polished Stone, 1 Warrior's Plate Basic Attack Combo + 1
Training: Kiss The Sky 1 10 Polished Stone, 1 Rogue's Cowl Double Jump
Training: Meditation 1 10 Polished Stone, 1 Magician's Cape Increased Mana Regen
Training: Cord Cutter 1 10 Polished Stone, 1 Ancient Coin Critical Damage + 20%

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