As they appear in the inventory.

IronSteelTamahaganeLesser Demon SpiritGreater Demon SpiritArch Demon SpiritTwisted SpiritDivine DustRough ClothSoft ClothSilken ClothLesser Angel SpiritGreater Angel SpiritArch Angel SpiritGrey Metal Gloves?Spirit ShardSpirit StoneSpirit CrystalLesser Feral SpiritGreater Feral Spirit?Snow White ManeMark of ValdisPolished StoneAngel SapphireDemon RubyRogue's Cowl?Strange GlassesBroken DollGrey Metal HelmLarge EmeraldSaint's OpalDevil's OnyxWarrior's PlateAncient CoinGrey Metal PlateSpell LanternGrey Metal GreavesGrand AgateGem of PurityBlack Heart StoneMagician's CapeLeft Eye of Myrgato??Jet Black FeatherInventory
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