An easily irritated Half-Dragon that's descended from the Thunder Wing clan. Axen assists the crew only for the sake of screwing over both Goddesses, not really caring for the plight of mankind. Though the Thunder Wings have a long standing feud with Gilda's clan, the Blight Talons, Axen has put her hatred aside to deal with their mutual enemy......for now.


Underneath the starting location of the game. Requires Black Hole or Bolt Jump reach.

She can also be reached by using a Wall Jump and Solar Beam. To perform this, hold on to the ledge, click down to let go. As soon as the character is off the ledge, only click the jump button to perform a Wall Jump. Then, once the character is 3/4ths to the other side, use solar beam. Finally, just hold right in order to get to the ledge on the other side.

Axen assist

Axen's Assist Icon


Fast Lightning strike from behind.

Axen's lightning power is doubled if Volt Aura is active.

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