The Armor of the Grey Knight is a balanced armor that has high armor and immunities to status effects that are not provided by the Paladin Armor.  It gives a large boost to Str and fair boosts to Int and Agi.  The armor has a unique property of creating a mana shield around the wearer, any attacks taken will reduce Mp until it runs out. 


This armor can be crafted from Myzzi in the Execution Hall.


+6 Str / +3 Int / + 3 Agi

+36 Armor / Immune to poison / burn / corruption

Emits a shield of mana to protect the wearer.

Items Neede For TradeEdit

1 x Grey Metal Gloves
1 x Grey Metal Helm
1 x Grey Metal Plate
1 x Grey Metal Greaves
4 x Greater Feral Spirit
1 x Twisted Spirit


  • During the ending cutscene for Wyatt on Godslayer difficulty, Wyatt can be seen wearing this armor.
  • Combining this with Gilda's mana charging abilities gives her "invincibility" of some sort.

Wyatt wearing the Armor of the Gray Knight in the ending reached by completing Godslayer difficulty while playing as him.