Angel Zealot


These angels are trained for combat in Algathian monasteries and convents. They close in on their targets rapidly to bypass any defenses. They wear light armor to enable quick movements.

Priestesses are more fragile than Zealots, but they wield more powerful defensive and offensive magics.


Zealots are a very aggressive class, dashing at their targets and unleashing combos with both physical and magic damage. They can launch you as well, making you susceptible to aerial attacks from any nearby Angel Soldiers. It's best to keep Zealots on the ground, as they have anti aerial moves they use to stop themselves from being juggled.

Priestesses will warp across the field and use lightning-based magics to attack. They use Volt Aura to deal extra lightning damage and inflict Static, as well as summon a shield of lightning orbs to protect them and deal damage to attackers.


Dropped ItemsEdit

Rough Cloth
Soft Cloth
Angel Sapphire
Lesser Angel Spirit
Gem of Purity (Priestesses)
Valdis Story AC (Angel Demo)

Valdis Story AC (Angel Demo)