Angel Templar

Mid rank angels that have given up their bodies in are to become pure soul energies. Heavily armored, but weak to magics. Their enchanted shields can block heavy and magic attacks. Can resurrect nearby angels that have fallen in battle, as well as emit a healing aura.

Archons will use the souls of nearby fallen angels to launch powerful attacks.


Shield Bash: While standing very near the Angel Templar for a period of three seconds, he will use his shield to hit the player. Later, this may be a two-hit combo.

Ground Wave: By standing far from the Angel Templar, he will use his sword to stomp the ground in order to create a blue flame. This flame will travel a moderate distance as a wave towards the player, along the terrain. 

Overhead Jump Counter: The Angel Templar will make two consecutive attacks when the player tries to jump over him. There is literally only 4 frames available to use a skill cancel when he performs this attack. 


(Enemies seem to scale, but this is still under research at this time)

Health: 350 

Gives 23 XP


Angel Templar Location

Angel Templar Location

Dropped ItemsEdit

Saint's Opal
Greater Angel Spirit