Angel Soul Ranger

High ranking angels that do not adhere to the lofty standards held by most angels. Fiercely devoted to Alagath, they will not hesitate to fight dirty and use cheap tricks in the name of the mother of light. They wear a mask in honor of the first Soul Ranger, whose face was mutilated when she lost a battle to Demon General Caderyn. The blessed halo above their head constantly regenerates their life force, and they can draw magic from the souls of nearby fallen angels.


Fires medium-range Freezing shots, especially after blocking several normal attacks. 

Soul Rangers can also fire slow, Freezing icicles from nearby angel souls, and set on the ground frostbombs that detonate when stepped upon--or dashed through.

Has an Evade Dash. Its regenerative halo can be destroyed by attacks.


Dropped ItemsEdit

Spirit Stone
Saint's Opal
Greater Angel Spirit