Currency from a lost age.


The Ancient Coin is special in that it drops from nearly every enemy, based on the player's base Luck. Luck from equipment and boss rewards do not seem to cause these to drop. They are very common on a pure Luck character, but nearly impossible to find on characters with fewer than 5 points spent on Luck.



  • 1 in Tagu's boss room, up above the west gate. (Requires Ice and Double Jump)
  • 1 in a middle ceiling hole above the 9th room of the Guardian Temple. (Requires Ice and Double Jump)
  • 1 in the room with Britzhal, in the fake wall on the left side of the room. (Requires Ice Soul)

Used inEdit

Item Req
Jester's Watch 2
Bloodmage Manuscript 2
Fighter's Bandages 2
Necromancer Lexicon 2
Priest Tome 2
Magebane Seal 2
Pretty Flowers 1
Hire Brizhal 3
Training: Cord Cutter 1