Afflictions are status effects that are given by certain weapons, spells and skills. They can affect enemies as well as the player.

  • Corruption: Prevents HP and MP recovery and reduces Armor and Resist by 30.
  • Silence: Prevents spell casting.
  • Freeze: Freezes target in place. Physical attacks on a frozen target will shatter, dealing bonus damage.
  • Burn: Does damage over time and increases Fire damage taken by 50%.
  • Static: Reduces Attack Damage and Magic Power by 50%.
  • Stun: Prevents all actions for a duration.
  • Reckoning: Increases Divine damage taken by 40% and reduces Armor by 15.
  • Poison: Drains HP and MP over time.
  • Bleed: Deals physical damage over time that ignores Armor.

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