When either Soul Rage Azudor or Possessed Dhistahn is defeated in the Mana Crystal Mine boss fight, Abomination will be fought.

Moveset Edit

  • Curse

Some of Abomination's moves inflict this effect if they hit you. In addition to the normal damage of the associated attack, and inflict Corruption Affliction for 10 seconds.

  • Crystal Throw

Abomination throws 5 large slow-moving crystals in your general direction. They're dumb-fired through, so as long as you're no where near the same elevation when they reach you as when they were fired, you can easily avoid them. If you're hit, they curse and inflict Silence for 5 seconds.

  • Ice Bomb

If you approach medium range, he'll place an ice bomb in the air next to you. For this reason, you have to keep moving once you're in medium range. If you're hit, they also inflict Silence for 5 seconds.

  • Light Wave

Abomination causes a wave of ice to follow the ground. You can easily avoid this attack by standing on any of the pillars, but the shortest pillars are the best for this because you stay out of range of his Ice Bomb. If you're hit, they also inflict Silence for 5 seconds.

  • Double Light Wave

While at 2/3 Health or lower, Abomination will send out two ice waves, one right after another.

  • Tornado

If you enter close range, Abomination will create a tornado effect around himself for several seconds.

Strategies Edit

  • Stay at medium or long range and pelt him with elemental (fire or ice) ranged attacks. Ranged mundane attacks (such as from the Bow and Dagger) seem to be more effective than magic.
  • Don't bother trying to cross to the other side of Abomination. The safest place to be during this fight is on the shortest pillar. Even though Abomination could hit you with his Crystal Throw attack, you can easily Skill Cancel out of the way or double-jump (if you've gotten the double-jump upgrade). Be aware though that if you jump too high, he'll plant an Ice bomb up there.


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