Abbigail the Marred is one of two bosses located in The Hallow.
Having recently been released Abbigail is an angelic boss with a personal vendetta against Wyatt and his father, Caedyrn. She floats across the battlefield on neon wings firing an assortment of projectiles from twin, glowing pistols.

Rewards Edit

Patterns Edit

  • Launches successive attacks whilst floating in mid-air.
  • Has super armor during her attacks and warps after every attack, but once she has stopped attacking, she is vulnerable.
  • Shoots a flurry of rapid ice projectiles in a semi-circle below her
  • Shoots a concentrated ice beam in a diagonal line which leaves a ground level AoE
  • Shoots semi-homing icicles towards the player
  • Shoots a blast of three arcing icicles
  • Shoots four icicle grenades above her, which land and explode into multiple icicles
  • When she is knocked down, a meter will recharge. Once full, she will give off a highly damaging ice blast and resume her flying attacks.
  • As her HP decreases, the amount of attacks and warps will increase.

Tips Edit

  • Attacking her whilst she is attacking does minimal damage, so it is best to dodge her until she stops.
  • When she stops attacking she will be vulnerable, hitting her will ground her and you can deal damage.
  • When knocked down, a meter needs to recharge for her to begin attacking again. Once its full, she will launch an ice blast around her which is highly damaging, so avoid that attack.
  • (Bug?) Use Shadow Walk before her blue meter fills up to beat her with relative ease. She won't attack and will float similar to how she ends her attack patterns.
  • Using a Focus Finisher will stun her whilst she is downed and can reset her recharge meter.

Lore Edit

The youngest in a line of high ranking angels, Abbigail had access to some of the most advanced angelic weaponry. She was making quite a name for herself until she was utterly defeated by the demon general Cadeyrn. He humiliated her by walking away before finishing her off. He told her that only true warriors are worth his time, not children playing with toys.